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Are you finding your cat urinating in your bed? Or are you finding your cat urinating around the carpet? It's a prevalent problem you'll face should you raise a cat. This information will explain you some factors which will make your cat urinate outdoors the cat litter box. For more information on border collie vs australian shepherd, visit our website today.

Here are a few factors which will make cat urinate everywhere:

a. Condition

There are several illnesses which will make your cat not able to urinate normally for example liver disease, inflammatory bowel disease, diabetes, colitis, microbial infection, calculi, trauma, tumors, kidney disease, hypocalcemia, pyometra, adrenal gland disease, etc.

There's little else that you can do except taking your cat towards the Vet as quickly as possible because the illnesses described above can kill your cat.

b. Box location problem

Watch carefully in which you place the cat litter box. There are several explanations why cats will not make use of the box:

*this area is situated too near to their water and food.

*this area is on the place where they do not have privacy.

*this area is situated excessive so they can't achieve it.

*you place this area to where cat could be ambushed by another cat.

*this area is dirty (for more information, cat is an extremely clean creature).

c. Stress

Stress could make your cat's conduct change all of a sudden. There are several factors which will make your cat stress:

*you raise a brand new pet.

*you've got a new guest.

*or you proceed to other house.

Thank you for studying my article about bad cat conduct problem. Help you on my small next article. Want to know more about akita husky? Visit our website for more information.


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